Why Dental Implants Are the Treatment of Choice For Tooth Replacement

Dental ImplantsDental implants have become the treatment of choice for many patients that are in need of restorative treatments to repair or replace decaying or lost teeth. There are a number of reasons for the shift in philosophy by most dental and periodontal professionals towards utilizing dental implants as a more favorable solution than bridges or crowns, as was often done in the past. They provide a permanent solution to tooth restoration and repair that avoid many of the problems sometimes encountered with other restorative dental methods. Continue reading

Dental Implants for Tooth Restoration

Dental ImplantsYou already know that routine dental appointments, brushing/flossing, and refraining from smoking are imperative to maintaining your good oral health. However, it isn’t uncommon for adults to stray from these guidelines – resulting in poor dental conditions and loss of teeth. If you can identify with this, chances are high that you can benefit from dental implants. Continue reading

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental ImplantsMini dental implants are commonly used as a temporary fix for missing teeth. These are generally smaller in size and are used to prevent further damage in the teeth system until the real implant becomes available. The mini dental implant is placed in the area where the tooth was removed to ensure that the area is prepared for the actual implant. The mini implant keeps the area open until the full-size one is ready for use in surgery. Continue reading